Saturday, January 1, 2011

Craft Room Redo

For Christmas, I got a Target gift card from my mom-in-law so that I could buy some organization for all of my crafty goodies.  I have so much, and even though I clean out, I could still let an art department go through it and have some left over.  I decided that since I moved my stuff back to my bedroom (our house is pretty small) that I needed something that fit better than the IKEA small dining table I was using to craft on.  You probably remember it looking like this last summer. 
More walking room between my bed and my table was a must, so I decided to DIY a long, narrow, desk. I went with two of these from Target: 
and also a pine counter top from Lowe's.  I put them about five feet apart, and set the counter top over them.  It is about 6 ft. long now and about 2 ft. wide.  Should I paint the counter top or stain it?  It's such a pretty top that I kind of hate to paint it.  But look how nice it looks now.  And it is so inspiring to have a space that is clean and organized. 
The vintage lamp is still one of my favorites.  And the lighting is great...not so much for the pictures, though, haha!  
But you get the idea.  
I needed something for the wall, so I found this wall organizer from Target on craigslist for $10!  What a deal 
since it retails for $99! 
Almost all of the jars, bowls and baskets on the shelves were thrifted. 
These little pewter style bowls were $1.99 at a thrift shop that I stalk.  :)
Clear mount stamps stacked neatly on one of the wall unit shelves.
And little owls from my sweet momma hang just above my work area.  *sigh* Owls are the best, aren't they?  Sorry, Mr. Miata, the collection cannot end here. 
And punches and baskets of ribbon (all bars and baskets from IKEA) hang above to for easy access and simple style.   
I'll take more pics for you as I work and when it isn't so dark in there, but I sure do love my new space!  It's time to start on some Valentine gifts and to finish some promised Christmas treats that didn't quite make the deadline this year.  Show me where you work...I would love to see...
and I always need fresh ideas!


  1. What a lovely space!! And what a thoughtful gift:)

  2. look at all that awesome stuff!!! I don't have a workspace but I can't wait to get my own office someday :D