Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's on your thrift list? {2011}

I found some amazing things this past year as we hopped from estate to estate almost every weekend with a little girl in tow (that loves to go so much, by the way, that during the winter break she asked to go to one when she realized we hadn't been in a bit).  See how happy she was about the treasures she found?  *grin*

 You can see more fun things here and here (these chairs were the find of the year; my favorite!).  And this vintage TV cabinet with radio and turntable (that works!!!) was the deal of the year at $25.  My kids call it the dinosaur TV.  Thrifty Tuesday will start back up again and I promise hope to be more diligent in updating it each week.  I'm also hoping that I can come up with some projects to ReStyle with Elsie and Rachel! (I have a white GAP cardigan I was about to donate that I think will be my first ReStyle.) 

What do I hope to find this year?

*more butterfly gold Pyrex
*mid century bedroom suite (Heywood Wakefield, where are you?)
*white iron lawn furniture
*vintage linens (and tutorials that will MAKE me cut them up)
*vintage pin-up posters for our bedroom

*pretty enamel pins 
*and an owl necklace

What do you hope to find?


  1. Would you believe I have never been to an estate sale!! I know - what's the matter with me? I've been missing out, it seems. Spending a lot of money for retail things...when there are treasures to be found elsewhere! What I would love to find is a china cabinet -- finished or unfinished, because I would re-paint or re-stain it black, anyway -- that can hold all of my grandmother's china. She passed away in 1997 and I was able to keep her beautiful china. But it's been in boxes all this time due to the fact that I do not have anything to put it in that would display it properly. I would like some of the doors to be glass. There is one that I love from Pottery Barn; it has glass doors and a few drawers...but it's WAY overpriced! I just know there is something else like it somewhere out there. If you come across my "hope to find" out there , would you let me know? LOL

    Happy New Year! You share my name. My family and friends all call me Trina, but my "real" name is Katrina :)

  2. I haven't been thrifting much at all~ but after being on etsy and reading all these lovely blogs I think I've fallen in love with vintage clothing~ X3

    shall go and dig for treasures this new year~ ;)