Friday, January 28, 2011

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Remember I told you about the best gift ever? Christmas isn't over yet. Or at least not at my house. See this?

It's an aluminum tree. Somebody loves me a whole bunch. It's never been unpacked until now, and it's a beauty at it's 4 foot sparkly, shiny, flowering little top. I thought of leaving it out because red hearts would be lovely dancing on the branches, but decided to give it its festive debut at Christmas this coming December. I have to find some Shiny Brites that are worthy of this little treasure. Don't you think? *sigh*

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  1. oh girl .. i love it !! it would look great with little shiney red hearts though ..

  2. oh my goodness...i want one too! i agree with jenny put some red hearts on it :) dress it up for every holiday so you can have it out all year long!!