Saturday, January 29, 2011

School in the 60s

I have collected lots of little vintage smalls, and when I opened up the cabinet that stores my milk glass from my mom-in-law, my vintage cookie trays for Christmas, fondue pots, and party bowls, I was almost buried under the avalanche!  Ooops...  And it's not just kitchen stuff.  So, what's a girl to do?  

I'm taking it to my classroom!  Sorry kiddos, your teacher thinks she's Betty Draper.  Well, I will not take all of it, but some will be so swell (teehee!) in there.  My globe...some aqua little melamine dishes for my desk to hold paper clips and staples, and I am sure I could hang some embroidery or crewel pictures in there too, don't you think?  I saw some vintage world maps at a fun estate sale this weekend that would have been grand on the wall, but, alas, someone else got the gold. I have my grandpa's old college notes and teacher things.  Frames, please. They're going up.  This is gonna take all summer.
Old classrooms=love.  I wish I had a chalkboard.  I'd buy the colored chalk.  And look at these desks. *sigh*

I have vintage school books, planners, and readers that will go perfect on my shelves. 
 Why didn't I think of this before?

Sorry kids.  Maybe I should change my blog name to "The Meanest Teacher?"  Ha!
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  1. Love it! Let's be mean teachers! Ha ha ha! From your estate sale blog today, I saw the maps and realized that Caden has been wanting a globe for a long time. If you find one again sometime, please let me know! :)