Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where'd She Go? {Trip Log 1}

{weekend of 1/29/2011}
--Estate Sale Re-cap
Chucks: red and black cherries

Here's the new Feed the Birdies feature! Ill take you tresure hunting with me. Come along! Let's go see where the vintage things are. This weekend, there were two sales that made a mid-century lover squeal with joy. Both were in North Dallas in gorgeous tree-lined neighborhoods scattered with residents walking their dogs. Enough of that! What was there?

Look at the front doors on this home. Quite unique. As was the screen divider in the entry.

This man must have been a geologist. They were selling rocks, yes, rocks, by the pound. Tons of cool maps and geology books filled an outbuilding.

This little tiled pocket in the wall was interesting. A gas fireplace, maybe? The pink tile was awesome!

Who was this pretty lady? I'm not quite understanding of families that put photos in sales, but maybe they don't know their identities either? There were tons of photos on the walls in this house.

Next up, and only a few streets over, bliss! Look at these light fixtures.

They were in the entryway. Ah. Love.

The first thing I grabbed here was a set of vintage fold-a-notes from Current. $1.

The kitchen was loaded with cool finds. A full set of these...

Cool Tupperware...

Cabinetry that reminds me of my grandparents' old kitchen...

This alligator made me giggle. You never know what you'll find.

This lady liked to sew. A bunch. The entire house was pretty much covered in sewing crafts. I kind of want to kick myself for not getting this kit to try.

Adorable animals! It looked like it would take a few years to complete, though.

I found this Danish lamp, with a very yucky shade that went straight to the trash, for $10.

Also came home with a sequined embroidery kit for $1. Saving that for another post!

So, did you have fun touring with me? I would love to hear your wishes for what I can include in my next feature. Inside? Outside? What's in the box? What do you want to see?

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