Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cookbooks all in a row...

We have had two ice days home from school and tomorrow is one more!  This NEVER happens in Texas.  Anybody for a trip to the gas station just to get the heck out of the house?  We got out for lunch with some good friends today...she only had to text me once and we had our coats on and were standing on the front porch waiting.  You don't have to ask us twice if we have missed a trip out in two days.  Anyway, back to those cookbooks... 
 I spent yesterday staring at my cookbooks and organizing. What?  You don't organize your cookbooks on snow days?  Now they sit pretty on the shelf in my dining/kitchen area.  I love Better Homes and Gardens books and Betty Crocker, of course, doesn't have to fight for shelf space either.  Most of these have come from estate sales for a $1 or less each, over many months of digging in garage boxes mostly (why do I always find them in boxes in the garage?).  I also scout for BHG instruction books, and I realized two weeks ago that I set one down (a sewing pattern alteration book) accidentally at a sale and it didn't make it home with me. Ugh. That made me sad. I've shown you recipes before, so now you can see the collection.  Isn't it neat? 
I also have my BHG decorating, gardening, and handyman books on the same shelf.  There are cookbooks that have been handed the Household Searchlight Recipe Book (copyright 1940) that was my great grandmother's, and my mom's Complete Family Sewing Book (copyright 1972) that I must sit and read.  Old books just bring back a piece of time, don't they?  I don't ever get bored sitting and reading them...  at my mom's, my grandma's, in an unknown estate, or in my own living room.  And this cold weather is just the time to cozy up with one. 



  1. I love finding old books with inscription in the front cover. No one does that anymore; well, my mom does. =) Love the new look!

  2. What a fabulous collection!

    I love collecting vintage recipe books (actually all types of books!) too ♥

    Hope you don't go stir crazy on your snow days x

  3. I really like cook books but I don't have a lot because I don't cook...yet...xexe!!!But I have an ooold book with recipes for coctails that I totally adooore so I understand you!!!The way you organize your cook books is awesoooome!!Your collection totally rocks!!xexe