Wednesday, February 2, 2011

We're all new!

If you are visiting in a reader or email, spread your wings and fly over here,, and come see!  Lindsay, from Scenic Glory, has given Feed the Birdies a brand new nest to roost in!  And isn't it adorable?  Gosh, if you need someone that's sweet, kind, and full of fun ideas, and knows just what to do with what you send her, then Lindsay is your girl.  She did such a grand job and I am so happy with how she made this little place look.  Thank you, dear! I can't possibly tell you how happy I am with all that you have done!

Take a look at the birdies on the line; that's how this whole little thing got started.  Brady, my oldest, is the blue bird; he's 15.  He's a big birdie, isn't he?  :)
Then there's Bo, my scooter boy.  He's 14, and the little red birdie is his.   
And then, of course, little miss Katie, my little angel, shadow, and mini-me, the pink birdie next to them.  

She didn't know about feeding any birdies.  Her brothers started it all. If you haven't seen my story at the footer on my blog, these two big (once little) boys used to love Happy Meals.  Well, they still do.  And when they would finish and have cold French fries at the bottom of the box, I would always ask if they were all done, and the smallest boy one day practically bombed me with his French fries out the van door with a very loud, "feed the birdies!"  So that's how Feed the Birdies got it's name, and also how, later, it became my little source of fun, inspiration, me-time, and therapy, all rolled up into a little page of writing and pictures.

For a while, I blogged about whatever everyone else was blogging about (thought I needed to), and I tried to be somebody else, as cute as they were, as funny, as crafty, silly, and as innovative, but then I finally realized that it wasn't fun to do that.  If I had to make a scrapbook page for somebody other than myself, I didn't like it.  If I had to create and perfect a tutorial for show, it wasn't fun.  But when I stopped, and did it for myself, it was all worth it.  And now when I share, I share what I want to and what I have thought about, created, or experienced on a whim or in a long space of time in my little corner over here.  It's not selfish.  It means that I get the whole purpose of what I wanted my blog to be, and you get the real me.  Not someone I would try to be, but somebody genuine, silly, and just as giggly as this new little design is. It's ok to be myself here, and to share what I like, what inspires me, and what I enjoy...and that joy flows freely now...and I hope that you feel it.  I want to share that for sure, if not anything else. 

So, now that you know the whole story, I hope you stick around!  We'll have a great time!  If you look to the right, you can follow me on Facebook, Reader, and also grab a new button (aren't they adorable?).  You will also see new pages that are still under construction in the nav bar at the top.  Aviary is where you will find all of my daily reads and blog friends soon, and My Flock will be a place for my followers.  On the Fly will link to my fun little spontaneous adventures and crafts, as well as our new "Where'd She Go?" features and Thrifty Tuesdays

Tell us what you think!  And be sure that you send Miss Lindsay lots of love.  She's a sweetie! 


  1. Oh Trina I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! :-)
    Much Love,

  2. hey trina!! i just am so happy that you love your new look. your ideas and inspiration were so easy to work miss are the best!

    can't wait to see what feed the birdies grows into :) as long as you are you that's all that matters we love you best that way! xoxo

  3. I loooove the fact that your 3 birds at your header are your kids!!!!