Monday, February 7, 2011

Create Something Project: Week Two

The Valentine factory made some progress during the game last night, and I thought for my Create Something Project, Week Two, I would show two of my favorites!  These are made from vintage Bingo cards I picked up at a thrift shop on our trip to Springfield, MO, last summer.  The whole game was 49 cents.  That's a lot of Valentines, and more stuff to pile in my overflowing collage box. 

 See that "Hello Dear" stamp?  I call all of my friends "dear."  I was super excited to find it.  And it inspired me to create a new feature here; coming soon! If you want to see more cuteness of the love week kind, go see my friend Cass at CassieCakes.  She's the best, and so are her talents. She will probably recognize some of the fun paper I used in my cards this year. *wink*


1 comment:

  1. Love them! I've met my match when it comes to making valentines!