Monday, February 7, 2011

{hello, Dear} B'Ma's Salad

Here's a new feature for you, 
my lovely readers...
{hello, Dear} will highlight one new discovery each post and will greet you with a happy heart; it will be something learned or passed along, whether it be a recipe, a tutorial, a new blog to read, or something to share, just to spread some love among friends.  I hope you'll join us!  The picture that you see is actually a "dear" one; that is my Mom-in-Love...Alice (Katie calls her B'ma)...third from the right...on her water ballet team.  She's our first feature!   We talked on the phone the other day, and for whatever reason, I told her that I just can't make a salad like she can.  I'm not kidding...this lady knows how to make a salad!  Better than most restaurants, even.  So I asked for her secrets, and I'm sharing them here, in our first {hello, Dear} segment.  (Doesn't that just remind you so much of June Cleaver meeting Ward at the door when he gets home in the evening? *sigh*)
B'Ma's Salad
Keep these things on hand:
dried cranberries
chopped nuts
feta cheese
grape tomatoes
Then toss in whatever you have!
mixed greens (Mr. Miata calls them yard weeds)
bell pepper
all but the kitchen sink, she says. :) 

Top it with a homemade balsamic vinaigrette and YUM! I promise you won't be disappointed.  My favorite part is the cheese, nuts, and cranberries with the dressing (of course), but you can't eat too much of that...haha! Healthy never tasted so good...promise.

And, to Alice, "hello, Dear!" 
Have a wonderful day!



  1. hi there- following you on tasty tuesday. would love a visit and follow back. really cute blog!

  2. What a fun thing to have on your blog! I like that! The salad sounds GOOD.

  3. polly got her dress!! thanks SO much Trina! you're amazing! I'd love to have another giveaway with you soon! <3333