Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{hello, Dear} grrfeisty

It's time for another {hello, Dear} feature!  This girl is just as cute as a button if you ask me.  She sews, she's a teacher, she is on a roller derby team (wowzers!), and she is a big part of Etsy Houston.  I think she makes the cutest little felt creatures, and my favorite is a dino with a mustache.

She's Roxy of grrfeisty 

I've been reading her blog for quite some time now, and she's just a funny girl, and totally adorable!  One thing that she has done that I admire so much is start a sewing club at her school for a few girls that really like what she makes.  I am hoping to start something kind of like that when I get a chance to breathe this summer to make some plans, and she is definitely an inspiration. I asked her for a few bits of advice, and here's what she had to say...

1.  How did you learn how to make all those cute little felt creatures?  Were you inspired by something or someone?
i really wish i could remember where some of my little creatures came from. this may by awful to admit, but while i'm doing any routine driving, my mind wanders to creative and fun things, and i believe this is how most of my ideas are born. a lot of friends will make suggestions for things i should make, and sometimes i'm like, "whoa! awesome!" but usually if it doesn't come from my head, it doesn't feel real. does that make sense? :) oh and i'm pretty sure that working around crazy middle schoolers all day helps get my creative juices flowin'! hahaha
2.  How long have you had your Etsy shop open, and how did you join Etsy Houston? 
i've had my etsy shop since march 2009 when all i had was a little bookshelf where i kept all of my supplies! almost a year later i received an email inviting me to join etsy houston...i attended one meeting and became the blogger and a co-leader soon after :) since then we have had quite a few fun and eventful meetings and activities!
3.  Any advice for crafters wanting to network?
i highly recommend participating in shows. i love doing business online, but if you really want to meet people, you gotta get out there. you can buy ad space on blogs...and many bloggers will do giveaways, too. so you should definitely email them to see if they are interested in hosting your own giveaway or donating an item to giveaway. :)
4.  What kind of blogs do you like to read? 
i love reading artyfartsy blogs and pet owner blogs! mostly i adore and appreciate great photography. that's what really draws me in. :)

Go see her cute little blog here, and all the fun felt (and other) things she makes here.  And be sure to say, {hello, Dear}!


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