Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Want to make a blog button?

The most talented Lindsay from Scenic Glory is here to help!  She's such a sweetie and she knows her stuff for sure.  Thank you, Lindsay, for showing us how to do this!  If you need some design work done on your blog, she's your girl for sure.  She is super easy to work with and she wants to make sure that your blog looks the way YOU want it to look.  I had nothing but an awesome experience when she created my design, and I gained a great bloggy friend too.  :) So, here we go! Let's make a blog button!

First, upload your image to a photo hosting account like photobucket.  Once your picture is loaded, you will copy and paste the HTML code.

Go to the design section of your blog and choose option "add a gadget" in the area where you want to add your grab button.

A new box will pop open and you will need to select the widget HTML/Javascript.

when this widget box opens, paste your code into the box

next select the text that is highlighted in the screenshot below.  be sure you only select what is in between the quotation marks

delete this text and replace with the web address for your blog

when this is done copy the code that is in the box and select paste...you should have the exact same code twice now in the box like pictured below

now we will create the "box" for your code to go in.  type the following at the very end of the code.  refer to the picture below for the exact location

now you may want to center everything so that it looks nice and clean.  at the very beginning of the code type the text
and at the end of the text type
refer to the screenshot below for reference

click save and then select "view profile" to see your new button!
There you have it!  a brand new button that others will be able to grab.  the code located in the box can be copied and pasted.  when someone ads it to their blog, and someone clicks on your button, it will direct them to the web address that you specified!

Link up here so I can see your buttons!  I would love to see what you come up with!

Thank you, Miss Lindsay!

P. S.  Here is where you can find scenic glory and Lindsay:
scenic glory - let your spirit take flight
scenic glory designs


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