Monday, March 14, 2011

Be Healthy! Free Printable Journal Page...

Here is the first page of Feed the Birdies' healthy journal to share with you!  I used a few of my favorite stamps and then the rest of the page is handwritten and drawn by me...Momma Birdie...just for you! 


You can go get yours here, and print it on pretty paper!  I actually created this on HOT PINK notebook paper, and I can't for the life of me get it to scan that way...but you could print it that way...or on plain paper, or on ledger paper, or on pretty stationery...isn't it so much better than an excel spreadsheet? 

The best part?  I will have another new sheet for you tomorrow, with other things to log, and places to put inspiration, ideas, and recipes! And do you know the difference between dinner and supper?  I'll tell you that too...Betty Crocker told me. :) 

Find a gorgeous notebook or make one, and start filling it up!
P.S.  Somebody please let me know if the printable does not work well or if it needs to be modified...nice comments only please! :)



  1. Love the printable, but trying to decide if I want to print it or not. That would mean I would have to commit to being healthy again. ;)

  2. this is so cute! Did you create this during TAKS? That's when I do lists and charts in my notebook. I just started training for a 10K mud run in June! I am NOT a runner, but I can do it!