Monday, March 14, 2011

{The Vintage Cook}: New Feature!

I'm back!  I had a super busy weekend, and I am behind on my reader, my commenting, and my linking...terribly behind!  But, Spring Break is here, and a break means Momma Birdie is back with all that stuff I promised you last week. 

Today, it's a new feature!  You've already noticed that I love vintage cookbooks, and I found a 1960 (the yellowed strapping tape holding it together was coming off, so I replaced it with brown and white polka dot gaffer tape) Betty Crocker New Picture Cookbook at an estate this weekend for one whole dollar. I didn't care what it looked like; I don't have this one and I've been looking high and low for a while now.

Isn't she pretty?  I just started reading last night, so I am only to the breads and cakes (yum)... now, on to the feature!

Send me your favorite recipes that your family uses over and over; or that have been handed down for years from friends or relatives, or that you have found  in vintage cookbooks that you have collected too, and we will share them on here twice each week (maybe more; more ideas for dinner mean less stress over how to feed the football team (AKA my two sons).

I'll be featuring recipes from family and friends, as well as from my own collection of cookbooks.  Your recipes can be from any course; you may even feature a cookbook that you love too!  I am always looking for another to read use. This afternoon, watch for a post on tips from Betty Crocker herself from my new find! 
  Ready, set, email me!
feedthebirdies (at) gmail (dot) com
or comment on this post letting me know you would want to share, and please be sure to leave a way for me to contact you!


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  1. Need I send you the recipe for boxed macaroni and cheese and Koolaid? lol :)