Friday, March 11, 2011

Feels like...

I hit 300 posts on this little corner of the blogging world! Yay, me! It sounds kinda silly to jump up and down for joy, but 300 means I have been documenting and journaling for my family and friends for quite some time now, and for me from the very first post.  I went back to see what my first post looked like, and I thought, oh, this one will make me crawl under the blog table with embarrassment, but, no, it is one of my most favorite ones.
You can read my very first post here:  


Although I had no means of knowing what my style of blogging would be and had absolutely been borrowing and mentioning things other bloggers I admired had said, it was the beginning, and it makes me think back to some memories I will always cherish. Walking in cold air, a dog we will and still miss, and music of the season that I love. Even though brief, they are written. 
And in an introduction for the next 300 posts, here is what today

Sounds Like
  • quiet before the day starts
  • kitties mewing for breakfast
  • heat running that will switch to air this afternoon
  • cheers (in my head) for my high school alma mater that is playing the state championship tomorrow!
Smells Like 
  • cafe latte creamer with Dunkin' Donuts French Vanilla coffee in my cup
  • brownies baking for some of my best students
  • cool, crisp, fresh air that will be warmer breezes later
  • a sweet little girl that's been sleeping in my bed
Looks Like
  • dishes piled in the sink for later
  • pretty cards for a class tonight
  • dim lights for waking up in the morning
  • my grandma's house has become my own
Feels Like
  • a dull but persistent ache in my neck that scares me
  • comfy jeans and a soft t-shirt
  • love; but then again, it is.
Have a beautiful weekend!



  1. I love the "senses" theme posting! I may have to borrow that idea!

    Have a great weekend!