Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello there, new friends!


Hello to all of my new followers and also to my new sponsors!  I love meeting new people through my blog and I can't say that enough.  It's really been a community of friends and such a great place for me to spend some "me" time every day.  I love reading your comments, so please do! I have some brand new sponsors too!  

You will see their buttons in my sidebar; 
go say hello!

thank you, ladybirds!

Here's what you will find on Feed the Birdies the rest of the week!

1.  Printable to keep track of your eating habits, your exercise, and your thoughts about feeling and being a healthier you. (this is a big one for me since losing some weight this past season).
2.  Feature for my sponsors; giveaways coming in the following few weeks!
3.  {hello, Dear!} featuring Miss CassieCakes and her adorable sewn pretties. 
4.  A new vintage paper challenge!  This one is very, very unique (I think so, anyway).
5.  A feature of those of you that participated in the children's book challenge.
6.  And lots more random thoughts!
7.  My 30 Lists in 30 Days so far.

Come back and stay a while, and tell your friends! Happy Wednesday, lovely birds!


1 comment:

  1. Congrats to the winners & I am definitely looking fwd to the "healthier me" printable! Not really looking to lose weight, but need to get into a healthier routine (exercising... yuck) for sure!

    Heather @ Catfish Kisses