Monday, March 28, 2011

Freshmen, Natural Bridge Caverns, Drips, and Wishes

We loaded up over 100 Freshmen this past weekend on a charter bus to PALs convention.  These are some of the best kids ever, and we had a great time with them and the other sponsors!  We stopped at Natural Bridge Caverns on our way to the river walk in San Antonio, and we trekked down the wet winding pathways into the deep, cool caverns...Here we go!

Mr. Curran was a fun sponsor.  Mrs. Curran has a big crush on him. :) 
 One lonely little fern living down under.

See all that black stuff?  It's where the bats used to roost.  They have oil in their little bat feet that made these black spots.  I didn't get a picture of the bat poop for you.  Ewwww...piles of it that was really old.

 The Fairy Castles...I took these pictures for Katie.  
While we were walking down, we kept getting little drips of cavern water on our faces and and arms, and the kids told me I should make a wish for each drip.  So after the first...wish....and second...wish.  Mr. Curran said so far he had an iPad, a flat screen TV, and a supercharger.  But we didn't find them after the tour.  Dang. We did score some cool photos in the dark. Look!

It looks like fire, doesn't it? 
So much for using the flat iron right before we left.  
It didn't last long!



  1. Very cool, Trina! Although I cannot stand bats! Eek!


  2. Wow! I was in PALS in HS and I too went on the PALS retreat. I think it was held in Austin that year! So fun and such great memories!

  3. 100 kids? I bow down to you :)

    The caves look so interesting! Although i'm with Sarah when it comes to bats, eeek!

  4. This is reallu neat.... thanks for sharing this with us!