Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Letter from Katie

Dear Mimi, 

I'm so glad you came to stay with me this weekend while Momma and Daddy were out of town.  Boy, do we have fun, don't we?  My naked Barbies have pretty princess dresses now, and we saved some little ponies from falling off a cardboard box bridge with Gumby while they were camping in my room at the lake. Whew!  That would have been a fun trip to the ER.  Thank you for taking me to Chuck E Cheese for my friend's birthday party, I know you were bored to tears were so excited to ride in the car and have your picture made, even though we couldn't tell where the camera was aimed and you can only see our smiles.

I loved the powdered sugar donuts and cream cheese cinnamon rolls you brought for breakfast, too.  How did you know those are some of my favorites?  I'm glad I got to show you how fast I can ride my bike and help you get my Buddy to the skate park.  He's been letting me help him work on his toy bikes that you got him too.  And didn't we look sooooo pretty after we got our nails painted at the salon?  I didn't mind a bit sitting while they finished yours.  Thank you for taking me to Target and letting me give you a tour too...since my mom goes there almost every day, I think I would have missed it as much as I missed her.  Isn't it fun to have Mimi/Katie time?  When can you come stay with me again?




  1. this is so adorable. ahh i love that picture...i always have a hard time figuring out where the helk that camera is too!