Wednesday, March 30, 2011

On Being Green: Aha! Or really....duh....

So I have had a stack of vintage napkins that I keep in a big red metal bucket in my dining room.  You know, an extra little something in the corner for decor.  And I have this beautiful friend, Cassie, who makes gorgeous napkins for her shop and for gifts.  After I read her last post about what she had sewn, I thought to myself...why are mine all packed up, why are we using paper towels, and why not use what I've collected?  Look at these beauties Cassie created... 

*sigh*  I love the red set with the stand mixers, and the vintage look fabric in the last photo makes me want to redo my kitchen to match them.  Adorable! I'll show you my stack of vintage ones in a thrifty post (no photos this morning!  too early...haha!)
Cassie and Katy will be at the Deep Ellum Outdoor Market on April 16, and, guess what!  They have invited me to come with them!  I think that Feed the Birdies will 
be debuting a new vintage paper line.  
Sneak peeks coming soon! Yippee!!



  1. all gorg' * brown/beige & blue is my fav * so adorable!

  2. I use cloth napkins - it's so easy! Just throw them in the wash any time you do a load! Since they are so small, they really don't add to your laundry load.
    I also give Little Miss old burp clothes to use at napkins, handkerchiefs, whatever.

    Frugally Green Mom

  3. yay! I love that Americana set too. I want to keep them for myself! I am so excited you are doing the market with us. We need some paper goods. I think we will have a stand with original stuff too. There will probably be tons of knit and jewelry. We are for sure going to stand out. And Lula B's vintage will be there! That alone is worth going.

  4. Yay! I am busy making more Green friendly stuff such as reusable snack packs, and reusable produce bags. We also need paper goods! I use my cloth napkins everyday. They are so handy.

  5. Oh how fun!! Enjoy yourself and I can't wait to see your new stuff :)

  6. Super cute! I can't wait to see your collection!

  7. Love them all! I switched to cloth a while back. I now only purchase paper towels (PTs) about twice a year for those times when PTs are the only thing that will do. Otherwise, I love real cotton napkins @ meals and I use plain ol' white wash cloths in place of PTs in the kitchen. White ones bleach beautifully! Money saving and so much nicer to touch. I am now having a little textile envy over your napkin collection though. :)