Monday, March 7, 2011

Mardi Gras Dog Parade and a Rock Star

Yesterday, we trolleyed downtown to the Mardi Gras dog parade to take Kate (and, to see the dogs all gussied up for the afternoon.  There were hundreds down there.  Little Miss was like a little diva going to a fashion show...

 We stopped at Spoons for lunch.  She didn't want to wait to eat, because we were supposed to see puppies.
They had cute t-shirts there.  Want to Spoon? Love. Katie got pancakes with a cinnamon vanilla butter that were to die for, and we decided my Reuben and the boys' sliders would be replaced by them the next time.
Then came the puppies.  We saw lots of boxers too which made us wish we had another.
Lots of wagging tails all decked out in western wear for the parade.  So cute!  
At the park, my nephew and his band entertained the guests with their throwback rock music.  They're cute and they had tons of fun. 
And here's there biggest fan, front row, center stage.
 I think she really wants to be their manager. :)



  1. How fun! What a great day out and about in this gorgeous weather we've been having.....

  2. oh my goodness...look at you beautiful and cute!! it looks like you all had a fabulous time :) those dogs are so so cute! i think if we dressed brixa like that...gosh i don't know what she would probably haha