Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Spark People...join me! And, a winner!!

Hello, I am a Spark People member, and my username is MEESHAGIRL.

Here I am again, a prodigal healthy eater and runner.  I do well for a while, then eat junk for a while...and so I am going back to square one.  I have only gained a few pounds back (two)and that still frustrates the living heck out of me, but I don't want to gain any more, and to tell you the truth, I would really like to lose another ten.  So back to Spark People I go, where this all began, with a group of friends and one leader who started BOB (Be Our Best) at work, and we ran, and we encouraged each other, and we had tons of fun, and we had "us" time to vent and talk and enjoy and stress wasn't welcome.  I'm hoping Melissa and I can work out a few days to run together again.  I miss that. And I would like to find a yoga class that Katie and I both could go to.  She loves it.  That's where I want to be again.  Not that I am stressed right now, other than just being a busy lady, but that the stress of trying to fit into clothes in the morning and the stress of the 15 minute drive home to yank them off and put on sweats isn't such a big issue.  

I'm going to make myself a healthy chore chart of sorts, and I will attach it to my next post for you to use as well.  We can be accountability buddies if you'd like, and, find me on Spark People, and let's be buddies!  It's a free site, free calorie and weight tracking, recipe builder, workout ideas, fun virtual trophies for success...go check it out.  Spark People.  My username is MEESHAGIRL.  Find me!

And for a fun little mention this morning, the winner of the three months of sponsorship on Feed the Birdies is Cassie from cassiecakes!  Her {hello, Dear!} post will 
be coming right up!



  1. yipee! Wanna just grab my button from my blog? Let me know what else to do.

  2. Yay another Sparlker! I've sent you a friends request over there (I need all the encouragement I can get ;o) )

    Love your blog byt the way :o)