Thursday, May 12, 2011

I'm coming home...

You're a dear! Gosh, thank you for all of the sweet comments about our kickball game!  I'm hoping we have a summer full of that kind of stuff around here (well, before the brutal Texas heat kicks in).  It's so nice to live in a neighborhood where the kids play like that almost every day, and go from house to house to house without worry, other than the mommas screaming at them to watch for cars.  What a blessing!

I've missed writing here. I'm finishing up some testing, some grading, and some extracurricular activities at school this week, so it is going to be chicken one day and feathers the next!  Haha! School is almost out, though, and then I can go full force with my twice daily posting and with my paper shop as well. New things coming (and still some to be photographed and listed).

I have some new friends in my right side bar, so go say hi! See you in a few days!  Relay for Life is this weekend...I'm sure that staying up all night will yield some awesome pictures. Haha!

p.s. I can't remember where I found this photo; if you know, please tell me! :)


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  1. I'm glad you're doing well in this busy time for you! Take care!