Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer means fun to-do lists...

We are finally finished with testing at school, and I think I am just as happy about that as the kids are.  Two more weeks and three days of classes, and we are outta there for the summer.  Yay!  (That means I can go to estate sales on Thursdays instead of waiting until the weekend...eeep!!!) Miss Cassie told me that we should start making lists of summer goals and things we want to get done, so I'm starting with these few things (all be it that some of them are pretty steep goals):

Fill my neglected Etsy shop with stuff that vintage freaks can't help but love, that will inspire them to create, and sprinkle your blog roll with at least two paper DIYs or vintage ideas each week.

Renegade, you are in my sight...I'm not sure how far, but you're there. I would love for you to be my second job.

Silhouette, are you listening?  I want one. My paper needs you. I'll keep cutting with other tools until you hear me.  OK?
Read one book each week.  I just checked out these from the school library for the summer:

Thirteen Reasons Why
How Not to be Popular
Prada and Prejudice
Suck It UP
(teen authors make my reading heart happy these days...you should try them)

Set aside lots of fun time with my kiddos. Swimming, library, park, and when it gets too hot, ice cream and a cute movie.
Clean out all the closets in the house.  Wanna help?  That's gonna be a chore...one that will throw the summer schedule off kilter for a few days.  
What do you have going on?  
Here are some random things on the side:
I found out that there is almost nothing better than a wedding cake smoothie.  Yum. And, that, an aloe shot, and a green tea chaser make you feel really good.

Remember my neighborhood's kickball game?  We are going to play it tomorrow at school too.  Yay!

Melissa got the cutest little kitty in the world. Well, besides my two little fuzzy butts.
I read the cutest book last week: 
And I got a great cookbook:

See you soon!



  1. I'm big on making to do lists! I've already begun on mine for the summer as well and crossing things off:

    Deep cleaning the house, organizing my office and closets, redoing my flowerbeds, and getting a lot of reading done!

  2. Aaaahhhh . . . the summer list of a teacher. I remember these. They are always so full, and then sitting sounds so nice when there are no students. Enjoy your summer.

  3. I've got lists and lists of things to do.... it's getting crazy really! lol I love your summer plans.... sounds like you are going to get quite a lot accomplished....