Monday, May 23, 2011

What's in your kid's stuff?

You know how lots of bloggers show what's in their purse, their camera bag, their diaper bag, etc? I have a little girl that collects things. Tiny things. Really tiny things. And really random things. Look.

A chip clip. I wonder where the chips are?
Random plastic tiny Christmas ornaments.
A wind-up penguin.
Two fuzzy pom poms.

One of those tiny plastic finger puppet pumpkins.

A Barbie sandal. See it next to the B?

A recipe (vintage, no less...haha!) for Italian pastry....told you this would be random.

And a little teeny birdie. Maybe he helped her gather all these things for a nest? All of this tucked into a vintage plastic canvas Christmas house we found at the thrift shop. I cant pack her Easter basket up either because she uses it to gather treasures too. She loves sorting through her findings when it's really time to go nite nite.
What's in your kid's Christmas house/basket/Target sack/purse/horse pouch/whatever they can find to collect things in?

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