Monday, June 27, 2011

I thought the elves were already here...

When the elves move in to Grandma Alice's house for Christmas, they make a big mess in the wrapping and tissue and tape and lights...and Genevieve barks...all sorts of commotion.  I woke up this morning to a mess much the same and wondered if they had already found our new place.  But then I realized it was two teenagers with one-track minds and quite a list of supplies from my scrapbook stash.  (I guess Bo's allowance will buy me a new tube of E6000 adhesive...LOL!) Boys don't scrapbook, but they can turn some cardboard, paper, and adhesive into a half pipe for Tech Deck skateboards....see?  
Oh, and they used Katie's Bible box to grate the soap in that they need to "wax" their boards for better performance.  Katie is usually the crafty one that takes my paper...not this time.  It was her skater boi brother.  I could have been frustrated, but for the cleverness of the project his butt was saved.  :)



  1. such a crafty idea for those boys! it's very clever indeed:) how can you really stay mad at that creativity?

  2. Some crafty and determined little guys!!! They will rock their Tech Decks on that.