Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Making pretty pencils...a DIY

To get started with our Fat Pencil Diaries (I changed the name...), I thought I would share a few DIY paper ideas with you.  I've been thinking that pretty pencils automatically give you better penmanship, kind of like a clean car fresh out of the car wash drives better, doesn't it? I remember all the decorated pencils I had growing up...the ones your teacher passed out when you did something extravagant in class.  Along the same lines, I have a fun little idea to cover the yellow on your pencil with pretty vintage paper.  You can find these pencils in packs of two at Target or WalMart, but Sam's has a big pack of 12 if you want to make some for gifts.  Amazon has them too.  Next find some thin paper that you can wrap easily around the pencil.  Card stock won't work for this. You will also need some Elmer's Spray Adhesive, and a paper trimmer or Exacto knife. I am using a vintage children's book page for mine.
  Here are the details: 

1.  Measure the yellow (or barrel) portion of your pencil.  Mine was 6".  
2.  Cut a strip of paper (use catalog pages, book pages, wrapping, any thin paper you can recycle)that is the length of your pencil barrel and about 1 1/2 " wide.  
3.  Spray your strip of paper with adhesive.
4.  Roll your pencil up in the paper, and trim the excess with your Exacto knife. 

5.  That's it!  Tie a pretty bouquet of them together with some note cards for a gift, or hoard them for yourself!   Aren't they cute? 

They would be awesome wrapped in an expired Anthropologie catalog page I think.  I may try that next.  :)  Show me if you make some!


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  1. What a super cute idea! I am going to make some of these!