Tuesday, June 28, 2011

{Thrifty Tuesday}: Fisher Price!!

It's Thrifty Tuesday!  William and I headed out to two sales on Sunday (which is rare for us...usually we go on Saturday morning at the latest) and we struck gold.  There was a sale with lots of old toys, and hiding under a shelf in the garage was a full box of Fisher Price furniture, people, and the house to go with them.  There was a $10 price tag on the box...I about croaked...if you look at Etsy you KNOW that it is worth way more than that, and then they had everything marked an extra 25% off...so, you got it...$7.50 for this jewel in the rough. It needs a little bit of cleaning and some love for the wallpaper (should I replace it with more vintage paper I have or just try to fix what is there?), and look at the awesome paper in that green bathroom!  I see the house and contents going in my vintage shop...but Gram says Katie should get to play with it for a while.  Look at all of those little pieces!  She even has a wifi with turntable, a sewing machine, a potty, shower, full kitchen, and all kinds of mid century elements!  Gah...I love it.  But you knew that, didn't you?


  1. Oh my gosh I'm in love! When you are ready to part with it let me know!!! My little girl doesn't have a doll house yet! :)

    p.s. Was not following! How is that possible! All fixed. Just emailed you about the giveaway. XO

  2. OMG Fisher Price people were my FAVORITE toy growing up!!! I still have mine... and the furniture... I love them!!