Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{Girls like...Roller Derby!} Guest Post with Roxy from grrfeisty

Here is Miss Roxy from grrfeisty!  I met her a long time ago when I noticed that she was a fellow teacher and blogger.  It's nice to have teacher friends that are as creative and fun as Roxy is!  Lately, I have admired her as a Roller Derby girl...that sport sounds so awesome and challenging, and she's here to tell you a little bit about it!

I've been involved in Houston Roller Derby [houstonrollerderby.com] for almost a year now.  Reasons why I like it?
The sport is completely empowering! You are constantly playing and practicing with strong, independent women, and if you weren't one already, it definitely rubs off :)
Meet your wild and dangerous side! So you didn't think you could take a skate to your hip bone? Stomach? Face? Who knew!
And although Roller Derby may sound completely tough, it's got a real retro theme! So every once in a while you get to look super cute [and not sticky and sweaty from a scrimmage!].

A lot of cities of recreational leagues you can check out, and a league you can join or try our for. Research what's going on in your part of town. If you are at all feisty, maybe Roller Derby is for you ;)


Hop on over to grrfeisty and say hello!  While you are there, click on her shop link, and come back here to tell me what your favorite thing is.  She is giving away a  fox or dino necklace with our giant giveaway on Friday!  Hooray!

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