Tuesday, July 26, 2011

{Girls like...Soap Operas} Star struck in the 80s

Remember when Days of Our Lives was good?  I mean really good?  Remember when the new Roman appeared after Stefano had "killed" him, but didn't really kill him?  And that Drake Hogestyn was so hot that you might die drooling over him?  And Shane and Kim?  And Hawk?  There was a car show called World of Wheels in my hometown, and every year (my high school years...yes, I'm dating myself, huh?) they had soap stars from Days of Our Lives come sign autographs and meet fans.  I stood in line.  Every year.  Here are the photos from some of them.  Please, don't mind the hair. Ha!
Could I have gotten any closer to Roman?  I was sitting in his lap and I remember him grabbing my hand.  Be still my heart!

Um. Yes. That's really big hair right there.  It's Texas, you know. I don't watch DOOL anymore.  But I love some new ones.  Mad Men for one.  Now, I know you have some celeb snapshots around somewhere, don't you?  Show me. 

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  1. I love this!!! I'm a huge soap fan too... been watching Y&R since I was a little kid. :)