Sunday, July 10, 2011

Little camper...and a tired momma

Nope.  Not outside.  It's too darn hot.  My bestie was over for a visit and looking around the house at our progress of emptying the mountain of boxes the other day, and when she came into my bedroom, she saw Kate's little palette on the floor.  (Did you call it a palette when you were little? Kate actually calls it a "pilot." Cracks me up.)   Melissa looked down and giggled quietly and said, "little camper."  Teehee!  It has just stuck with me since she said that, and I laugh a little when I straighten it again.  I guess she is a little camper, isn't she?  We try not to do this every night, but it's summer, ya know? And our schedule went out the door when the books were turned in.  I think a lot of schedules did.

On another note, how does the new blog layout look?  I am so proud of myself for learning so much in the last few days.  I can almost do it without looking now.  Here's a tired momma birdie working on her blog and her silly son snapping a photo...and getting in trouble for it.  At least you know I don't always look like that 1940s bombshell at the top. Ha! Night!

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  1. Love the new layout it's clean and easy on the eye
    Nick x

  2. I think your new layout looks great!!

  3. what a cute pic of your sleeping lady.

    xo, lizzie