Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sisters, sisters...

It's been about six years since I have seen my sisters, and they are here with my step-mom to shop for a few days! The whole experience of being able to spend tons of time with them after being apart for so long is overwhelming, beautiful, and its like we've never really been apart. We took a few pictures, and Kate took some too while the girls rode in the car with us, so when I sifted through my camera roll to write this post, I found the whole story today. Pure fun. And love. :)

First, the obligatory Southfork Ranch photo. That's Marie on the left, then Diana, Tori, me, and Kate.

Stopped for Sonic Happy Hour. :)

Vera Bradley walls make for pretty photo backdrops. Tori, me, Kate, Marie. We look alike, don't we? Yep.

Silly girls. :)

Kate and Marie.

Tori and Kate.

Love these last few pictures. Kate had such a great time with them, especially playing with makeup and jewelry (and my phone too, ha!). We are off to spend more time together tomorrow. I wish they were here for the rest of summer!
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  1. Trina, this is so cool that you were able to spend the day with them! And, wow! You all really do look SO much alike!

  2. How fun!! I'm so glad that they are here to see you :)

  3. You all look like you had a great time and your all so alike. Having sisters is great when you grow up, not so much when your younger & they pinch your stuff. My sis is my best friend. Great post. got me thinking about my sister in Scotland x She lives miles away too.