Tuesday, July 12, 2011

{Thrifty Tuesday} Butterfly Gold and a Kitty

This week's vintage hunt was a lot more fun with my sisters in tow!  They love thrifting as much as I do.  Isn't that neat?  I made sure to take them to my favorite spots, and we all came out with shiny things.  First, I have noticed that my Franciscan Hacienda Green pottery is seeing some wear because we have been using it every day.  Don't tell my mom.  It is her set that I have.  Thank goodness a few pieces I picked up along the way count as spares.  So, I've found a few pieces of Butterfly Gold Pyrex and my sweet vintage friend, Natalie, suggested I look for the Butterfly Gold Corelle a while ago.  Oh, no...another collection.  It's madness, I tell you.  I was lucky to get that going yesterday and today, and now I have four plates, three bowls, four saucers, and one cup.  Not bad for all of $4.  Not bad.

Here's what I found for the shop.  Look at these cute little guys!  You might use them to put a cutting of your sister's ivy in for the living room.  I think I would use them to hold pens and scissors in my craft space.  What do you think?  Look at the smirk on the kitty's face...just like a cat, isn't it?

They will be in the shop tonight!  What have you found lately?

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  1. *swoon* I heart my set. So durable and it helps that Pyrex makes Butterfly Gold pieces too.

  2. adorable finds! i found a mustard yellow blouse that i just love the other day! thrift store shopping is so, so fun!

  3. ok .. corelle .. really .. i have a 4 piece place setting that was my mom's .. i call it "her china" .. it was the blue flower pattern .. when she got new fiesta ware i just couldn't bare to get rid of it all .. that crazy pattern is my childhood .. oh how i did not care for those dishes .. that is to funny .. now i wouldn't part with it for a million dollars .. oh and the kitten .. that is some serious sass he is throwing your way !