Friday, August 12, 2011

{In stock}: Be still and make a journal!

Since we are getting ready to start 30 Lists, I decided to scour Etsy for lots of paper journals and ideas. I love old books, and you can see my journal made from pages of some of mine at the end of the post.  Read on!

I finally decided that parking my booty in my craft room floor was the best way to get my journal made! No waiting for the house to settle down...just sit! And I did! 

Look at these pretty things I found on an Etsy hunt (be very, very quiet) case you are running short on time to get yours ready yourself, I bet these would make great journals to carry around while you list yourself away! 

I love the three ring binder BHG books, like this one from ric rac and buttons. What a fun book to use!  Now I have to get mine out to ponder it's possibilities.  :)

And you can always use a vintage dude ranch menu or an ephemera pack from Feed the Birdies Vintage.  All the little pieces come together for a big, fat journal, like mine! 

Is your journal made yet?  :)

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  1. Great post!

  2. I seriously think I used to have one of those Home and Garden books....maybe it was my, am I that vintage?