Monday, August 8, 2011

Technology: Day 8

I'm jumping in a little late here, but I have decided to join the Oh So Lovely photo challenge because her prompts are so fun, and she's will give you a little snippet of what goes on around here every day! I'll back up and post days 1-7 in one big swoop for you...I'm sure you want a self portrait and a childhood memory. I might even find a picture of me milking a goat. Aack! Yes, I have those. Here's Day 8: Technology (here is where I spend a lot of time, the culprit for my neck issue, and the beauty of the friendships, blog world, socialization, and outlet for my creativity and the need to market....yes, my laptop. Pointed smack dab in the middle of Feed the Birdies.) Hi there!

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