Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Thrifty Tuesday: French Provincial, typing tests, and {deer} to my heart


Oh emm gee...we had one of the best thrifty weekends ever.  The estate sales were brimming with treasures this weekend, and Little Miss made out like a bandit.  I had been looking for twin beds or a trundle bed for her, and found a few, but I'm so glad I waited, because this weekend, she got the set and a night stand that I had as a little girl, and she has the perfect room now.  It's so cozy and comfy and sweet, and I just want to stare at it all day!  The best part is that my mom still has the desk that goes with it, and the chair we think, but we aren't sure what happened to the dresser.  Maybe it will turn up in the barn?  Ha! Then there's the sweet sugar dispenser and the daisy cups.  I got some diamond aqua glasses, and a vintage Dymo (so awesome and ONE roll of woodgrain tape...) too, but you'll  have to wait for those pictures.  The other goodies you see above are a Remington 1040 typewriter in Aqua (I had to push myself really hard to put this in the shop), some cute creweled pics, an awesome notepad with mid-century design (shop fail...I"m keeping it!) and a magnetic pencil that is just so Peggy from Mad Men.  You can add lead too.  And the deer.  Look at them.  I had Katie place her tiny little finger next to them so you could see how small they are (yes, I know she needs a mani)...we got a whole ziploc bag of these little animals.  I want them, but she won't let me have them.  Wouldn't they make the cutest charms???  And don't you want to go shop

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  1. That typewriter is awesome! sure brings back some memories for me. Your daughters room is totally adorable and what great finds!