Thursday, January 12, 2012

DIY Thrift Shop Painting to Chalk Board: Part I

Thrift shops sometimes have the best frames, especially for my taste.  I brought home this painting about a year ago and I have had it hanging in the house.  William hated it.  I kind of liked it, because it was nostalgic in a way, but I still would have liked for it to be of a different scene.  Then I saw this on Pinterest.

Source: via Trina on Pinterest

My frame isn't as pretty as this one, and I chose not to paint the wood, because it matches other things in our house so well. So Katie and I carted it outside and got to work. Here is the ugly thrift shop painting...William asked me, "What if you are defacing a famous painting?"  I hope not.

Be sure you tape it off.  We used newspaper and painter's tape to preserve the white canvas border around the painting.

We also chose Martha Stewart's Chalkboard Paint from Michael's and disposable foam brushes.

Then make sure your assistant puts on her pink wig, and pour on the paint!

You have to let the paint cure for 24 hours before you season the chalkboard.  Here it is right after we finished two coats.

It took just a few more little swipes of paint after bringing it inside to cover a few spots we missed.  Now we wait...

Tomorrow, I'll show you how to season it and then show you how we lettered ours to hang in our entry way...for now, go find a painting...and ugly one.  Ha.

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  1. My assistant has a penchant for Paul Frank monkey beanies. :) Love the project and look forward to seeing the end result.