Sunday, January 8, 2012

Mailbox to Bathroom Storage: A Simple DIY

I've been finding several porch mailboxes at estates lately, and I can't seem to pass them up.  Especially when you can do something this cute with them!  We turned this one into a bathroom magazine storage and towel hook for Katie's little pink and black dressing room.  Here's how we did it:
First, take off the gold horse and cart by removing two screws. Then wipe the mailbox and horse clean.
I chose to place the screws in a piece of foam to paint the heads.  They were dirty.
Lay out some newspaper and have at it with your favorite color.  We chose this Krylon Watermelon that I got in my stocking for Christmas.  :) It will probably take two or three coats.
I was going to leave the mailbox itself a bit scratched up, but I decided since Katie's bathroom wasn't very rustic, to go ahead and paint it as well, using a gloss black spray paint.
When you are finished the painting, let it dry.  It was cold outside so we let ours sit overnight.  Then put the emblem back on. 
Then hang, fill with magazines or books, and hook some perfect pink striped vintage towels on.  I know I have seen some ideas for these floating around on Pinterest for use as other types of storage, and I'll have a few unfinished ones in the shop soon if you can't find one near you.  Have fun!  I'm linking up with Tater Tots and Jello, Flamingo Toes and Skip to My Lou!