Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Sprinkles: Estate Sale Finds and Sweets!

I've decided that since we have made Sprinkles Cupcakes a regular stop on Saturdays when we get most of our vintage hunting done, that my estate and thrifting posts should be named after the sprinkling of sweet treats as well as the sprinkling of sweet finds we bring home. Don't you think it fits?

Today's cupcake was German Chocolate, but William isn't a fan so he got Strawberry. Katie loved it.

We hit five sales today and pretty much came up dry, but for this receipt and towel from a Holiday Inn in 1969. Do you think they stole the towel?? I wonder! Haha! Whatever the story, it will hang in our bathroom. The receipt says their room was $12. They stayed in Plainview, TX. And now I have the towel they took!

The only other thing I was super proud of were new bottles of OPI nail polish for Katie and I. New pinks and reds for Valentine's Day. :) I guess $40 worth of polish for $8 made the day turn out ok. I just hope that 4th bottle isn't open in the car, left by an anxious little miss who couldn't wait to try it out. :)

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  1. what a score I love vintage ephemera, I wonder if they did pinch the towel too funny x