Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Saturday Sprinkles and a Free Vintage Valentine Printable!

Saturday Sprinkles is a little late this week! We went south for the weekend and visited Austin with a big group of leadership students from my school...convention time! 

Anyway, we still stopped in Dallas on our way home and got our Sprinkles cupcakes.  This time:  Red Velvet.  Yum.   

I managed to go to one estate on Thursday afternoon, and then the thrift shop too, but I didn't come home with much...a Pyrex bowl and some vintage mouse stationery for me, and some Holly Hobbie pillowcases that were still in the package for Katie.  Even though there were only a few things, we love them very much!  I think I'll write more letters this week.  The little mouse is pretty cute!

Since we are getting super close to a day of love, friendship, and, well, a day that some people don't care for much, I thought I would share some vintage love with you.  I have a collection of vintage Valentines, and I scanned four of them for you.  Download the google doc, and then print them on white or vanilla cardstock, cut, and send!  How could you be fussy with these?  See, your heart day just got a little better, didn't it?  :) 

P.S. For an even sweeter deal, go sign up for #30Lists, the March Edition
Those girls have tons of fun planned for you!

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