Monday, February 27, 2012

The faces behind Feed the Birdies...

These two big boys are what started it all.  They were even smaller than the little sister in the pictures here.  I didn't name my blog Feed the Birdies because I like birds (I do), or because I have bird feeders in my yard (I don't), but because these two boys were once little bitty guys that were (and still are) very, very funny.  But that still isn't the reason behind all of my posts here...or why I still write...or why I find things to occupy my time and share them on here... The reason behind Feed the Birdies is the joy that these two bring.  And the void that is here when they aren't.  And the sister that misses them like crazy when they go.  My kids. 

It's funny and heart-strings-pulling, and smart and silly, and busy and serious, and playful and restful (well, not really restful most of the time...haha).  But there are so many reasons I love them and why I miss them so much when they aren't with me.

Once upon about a decade ago, give or take a few years, these two boys rode in the back of my car, eating Happy Meals, on the way to who knows where (we always had some place to be), and we would stop at our destination.  I would ask them if they wanted the rest ..and they would toss the french fries out the door and say, "feed the birdies!!" And they did.  And Bo would get out, slowly, and say his name wasn't Christmas, it was Bo.  And Brady would shake loose from my grip and take off running.  He always beat me to the door. 

I miss those little stinky boys and all the things they would say, the trouble they would get into, and I wonder how we even made it, the three of us.  But we did.  And now they are teenagers, driving, dating, hanging with friends, and mom isn't as popular, but I know I am loved.  And they know the same.  And so does their sister.  Our faces light up when they are here.  See Katie?  Doesn't she look like they just hung the moon and all the stars at night for her?  If you ask the boys, they would tell you it was her hanging them. And when they are here we enjoy every minute, and we laugh and tell stories, and we giggle about stuff they used to say, and we hug and we just be.  And my heart is at peace.

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