Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Sprinkles: Using Vintage Paper in my #30Lists Journal

Squeee!!  #30Lists started three days ago and I am already behind.  But that's ok.  I have my book, and I have Day One, and maybe by the time I publish this post I'll have Day Two and Three ready to show you too! 

I chose a simple paper journal that I got at Target to start with (by the way, Target has tons of stationery and office supplies on clearance...dangerous) and I have just been adding little bits and pieces of papers and stickers and vintage findings as I go.

A little twist this time...Katie has a journal too!  She's writing down her lists (good practice for a Kindergarten student) and I'll show you pictures of hers too.  I love watching little ones write!  And read!

Here is my Day One:  Challenges to Accept and Day Two:  Goals for this Month

See the cool vintage football helmets in the picture?  They are leather.  Haha!  Found.  I need one of those some days.

Make a fruit salad?  Yeah.  That's on my list too. 

Here is Katie's Day One:  (her challenges right now are things to learn) and then Day Two: Goals for the Month.

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