Thursday, April 5, 2012

Buying a New Car: Tips, Tricks, and Info from the Birdie Bunch

 One option on our list:  the Mazda CX-9 Grand Touring

My blog is a potpourri of all kinds of stories, so I'm adding one more:  we are buying a new car.  However, we aren't in a super hurry, so I am going to blog about the whole process, from colors to style,  sun roof to power doors, salesmen to dealerships, prices to arguments, used to new, and finally what we come home with.  We might buy one this weekend, or we might wait until it's 110 degrees outside and we sit and wait for the dual air to cool the cabin so we can drive it off the lot.  Who knows?

In the mean time, my car payment that has been non-existent since we paid Minnie off, will become a savings for the down payment, and I'll share with you the money thermometer of our account, and offer tips for looking for financing as well. 

This is going to take some research and tons of leg work, peeps, so I'll gain some valuable knowledge to share and maybe even lose a few more pounds while I pound the car dealership pavement, or asphalt, or rock drive, or tile in the showroom floor.

First up...the Mazda lot.  You knew that was coming because Mr. Miata is involved.  And I must let you know, that all of the posts are my own opinions and no one is paying me to review the autos that we drive.  However, I hope the companies pay attention too! :)

If you want REAL information from an average middle class family that has about 5 opinions melded into one that works, stick around.  You might find something you can use. 

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