Friday, April 13, 2012

Miss Kate's Circus Birthday Party

I was looking back at some of the pictures I've dumped from my camera and found tons I haven't documented.  Katie's birthday was tons of fun and minimal work...we took some kiddos to a pizza place and let them plow through the buffet line and then have some cookie cake and all kinds of circus snacks.  I had no intentions of a circus themed was supposed to be pretty little kittens having tea...but what fun is that for boys in kindergarten? 

So I happened upon these cute bags, masks, cupcake liners, and cards at Michael's dollar spot and then created her invitation on my own, a circus ticket.  I found plates and napkins and a cute confetti paper table cloth at Target. 

If you haven't read the blog, Hostess with the Mostest, it's a great place to generate ideas and find printables and such.  I found this one and just went from there. The kids found the moustaches in the games at the pizza place...perfect!  The teeth were hilarious, and we ordered the wax lips from Oriental Trading.  The lip pictures crack me up.  So fun. 

I made the labels for the cheese balls, popcorn, and animal crackers on the computer in Word, and then printed them on sticker paper.  You can pick up the big bear animal crackers at Target too. 

The kids played for two hours and all the adults managed the loot from the prize machines...we filled colored paper lunch bags with snacks for them to take know, all those carbs from the pizza and cookie cake make you hungry in about thirty minutes, and you need something for the road. 

And the only cleanup we had was rolling up the paper table cloth and depositing it in the trash.  Nice.


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