Monday, April 9, 2012

Test Drive!: Ford Explorer, Dodge Durango, Dodge Journey, and Summing Up!

2012 Ford Explorer
On Friday, we drove to Decatur and stopped at some dealerships in the little town.  Sometimes you find things in small towns you don't see in big ones.  One of the salesmen stated he "liked to buy American" when we left.  Haha.  First stop:  Karl Klement Ford.  I told them I bought my first car from them about  25 years ago (a Ford Escort, bright red), but we still didn't find what we were looking for.   We drove a 2012 Ford Explorer XLT.  I thought it was a little pricey for its class, even though it was pretty close to the others we had looked at.  The electronic features were really nice, but it really didn't matter to me if it sang me to sleep...the blind spots in this new model are so BAD that the deal was off as soon as I sat in the driver's seat for a test.  Scared me.  And I was happy to know that out of reach of the salesman's ears, William agreed with me too.

The next stop was at James Wood Chevrolet.  They have dealerships all over the place around here.  We went in to check out the Chevy Traverse and the Buick Enclave, and we met a young salesman eager to help us.  The only problem was, we listed the features we were looking for, he looked it up on his computer (after showing us the jet crash in the news), and then told us the price, figured the payments, and our trade in, and said, "About $650 per month, and that's affordable."  Really?  It is?  We haven't even SEEN the car yet.  Bye, dude.  We won't be back.  We drove past the Buick Enclave on their lot too, and we were so sick at our stomachs about their sales tactics that we turned our noses up and moved on.

2012 *drool* Dodge *drool some more* Challenger *oh, my gosh, I want it*
Finally, back to Karl Klement, but this time, their Jeep/Dodge/Chrysler dealership just down the road.  Here's what we bought, oh, er, uh, wanted to buy.  A 2012 Dodge Challenger.  Yellow Jacket.  $52000.  It didn't have a power passenger seat.  Dang, we can't get that one then.  *wink*  Maybe later, I'll have one painted just like the General Lee.  I sat in this one, at least.  And they didn't have to pry me out.
 2012 Dodge Durango Crew

So, we drove a 2012 Dodge Durango Crew.  This one could have made it on the list as a possible contender, and we liked a lot about the ride, the cabin, and the body style.  It had a lot of the options we appreciated about the other vehicles, like seat memory, back up camera, navigation, and a third seat.  The ride was nice but rugged at the same time.  Still not convinced to sign any papers.  But we considered comparing it to the CX-9 and the Pilot.

 2012 Dodge Journey

We also looked at the 2012 Dodge Journey SXT, which had some neat little thoughts put into the cabin of the vehicle.  You can store your purse and a LARGE PIZZA BOX under the passenger seat (the seat bottom flips up).  Cracked me up!  But such a typical family need!  And, in the floor of the middle seat, you can pop up the floor board and it's two ice chests.  Well, the boys could fix themselves right up with Big Red and some beef jerky for vacation this year!   Or William and I can have pizza and beer...or wine...or Coke and Dr. Pepper.  Yay!  The middle seat also transformed into two booster seats for little ones on either side.  Now that's cool, too.  It starts at a pretty decent MSRP as well; about $28,000.  No fully loaded ones on the lot, so we moved on. 

Overall, we've had fun taking all these for a spin around the block.  It taught me a lot of patience and also gave me a new perspective on car salesmen and on buying a new car in general.  It's been six years; I needed that. 

The only problem was, we were driving Minnie to look at more on Saturday, and, guess what 
We thought we were going to have to push.  
And Brady said he wasn't going to.  I told William to pull off the highway at the nearest exit and park it at the dealership.  He did. And we bought something.  But I'll tell you what we bought tomorrow.  It's not officially ours yet...waiting on the papers to sign.  But she sure is a beauty!  And, her name is....


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