Friday, May 11, 2012

Love Your Teacher: Washi Tape Journal and Pencils

Skip to My Lou featured Katie from Sew Woodsy in April for the cutest washi tape journal, and she also created washi tape pencils on her blog to match.  Since a Kindergarten teacher is much like a circus ring master sometimes, I thought it would be cute to take this idea and run with a circus journal from Michael's dollar spot.  I had used some of this line in Katie's birthday party and it's simply adorable!

I used the journal and grabbed two of my favorite pencils and wrapped them with some red stripe and polka dot washi tape much like Katie showed you.  I only put three rows of tape on the journal because of the busy pattern, and it turned out great.  Wrap those pencils up three or four times, tie them with baker's twine, and then tie them to the journal with some pretty ribbon to match.  Add a pack of the circus notecards with the phrase, "Lead the Way," (because, that's what teachers do, you know), and a circus card that says, "Have Fun!," (because they do that too)...and what a fun gift!

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