Thursday, May 10, 2012

My favorite thrift shop! Allen Community Outreach

ACO (Allen Community Outreach) is a thrift shop near me that supports the local community, the food bank, and Meals on Wheels. It supports my thrifting habit too. :) Their marque sign out front this week says something like, "You're cheap! Smart chicks shop thrift." And I thought I'd show you why I shop here. I know my friends see my car there a few times a week (sometimes more), and they have to be wondering what in the world is so exciting about this place!

First, it's the books. I usually spend a good half hour in that section. Its categorized and alphabetized by author so your picks are easy to find. Little chairs and a book rack for the kids keep them occupied while you drift off in titles. The adult books are $2 for hard backs and 50 cents for paperback. Magazines are 25 cents. Steals, I tell ya! Where else can you find the latest Sandra Brown release for that price? Better yet, the kiddos scoop up paperbacks for 35 cents and hard backs for 75 cents. We buy them, read them, and donate them back if they don't stay in our collection. I've found lots of vintage Little Golden Books and school textbooks and readers. I wish I had bought this one in Spanish.  

The clothing is reasonably priced as well. I picked up two tank tops in ladies' extra small to make two dresses for Katie (tut coming soon). At least once each week it's on sale, sometimes 40% off, sometimes stuff a bag for $5. I've found brand names in great shape for pennies!

The furniture is an eclectic mix always displayed neatly, and most of the time some mid century pieces peek in and around more traditional and clean donations. :) It sure is fun to find them! Especially when it's an old sewing table I can remake into a desk or a rocker that's ready for a paint job.

Your kitchen won't lack for attention either; they have shelves of dishes and pans and utensils. There are small appliances and decor too.

They have a sale every day on one section of items and also a points program. One point for every dollar I've spent has equaled three $20 credits for me...which means my rocker and some books and a cat crate (ha!) didn't cost me but $6. We had to do a dance for 40% off that day and we weren't shy.

This shop seems to be very well managed, has friendly volunteers, clean, well-arranged and organized, and the prices are great. I go in a few times per week so they know my face. A neat little thrift haven! Go say hi!

You can follow them on Facebook and Twitter too!

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