Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day all the way!

 Me and mom 1970
Grandma Wilma, Grandpa Dee, Mom, and her sister, Verna

Me, Ricky, and Mom 1973
Me, Ricky, and Mom 1972 

Great Granny Sykes, me, and Great Grandma Bee
B'ma and Katie... Spring 2101
Me and Brady, August 1997
Me, Bo, and then with both tooties...1997

Katie and me at her dance recital, December 2010 
Easter outtake, 2011 haha!
William, Mom Alice (B'ma), and Katie

Tooties!  Fall 2011

Easter 2011

Katie and B'ma love books.  :)

Easter 2011
 Grandma Betty, me, and Kate Christmas 2008

B'ma, Sissy, and Kate... December 2010

Happy Mother's Day to my most precious momma, who still takes care of me even though I'm over 40, with only one thing asked in return, that I take care of my own the same way.  I promise.  And I love you for being there no matter what.

And to my sweet, wise, giving Mom Alice, who raised my love of a husband, and who brings wisdom of peace and happiness, and has the best laugh in the whole world.

And to my grandmas...Betty and many awesome memories with both of you and unconditional love and teaching and fun.

And to all my friends who are mommas, may this day be the best one yet, and may you be treasured in the hearts of your families, and may you be able to skip the dishes and the laundry today!  Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for your warm mothers day blog day, I am a gran of 3 beautiful grand kids. Having the family over on our farm for the weekend has been such a happy experience. Got the mothers day card with the tiny orange hand prints on it that was supposed to be flowers in a vase & a little Tracfone SVC for seniors like me, with large keys & letters on the screen so I don't need glasses to make a call.
    We played card games, rounders on the grass outside, fed the geese and ducks and had a team effort making stew and seafood marinara for dinners and stuffed ourselves with cake. We took lots of photo's of the family & we were happy. Priceless memories I am so grateful for.

    1. I am glad you enjoyed it! I had a wonderful day as well. I love looking at old pictures, and I thought it would be fun to put some together for this post. :)