Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vault: Vintage Hairstyle Tips and a Paper Doll Printable

Vault is a new series for you;  I have so many vintage papers and magazines that I can't bear to tear up, so I am scanning them and offering as free printables (and printing a copy for myself so I can keep the original).  Yay!

The first one comes from a vintage Golden Magazine for Boys and Girls from May, 1965, a copy that I picked up at an estate a few months ago, and it offers some pictures that are a vintage lover's dream.  Don't you just love to look at the pictures in old books?  I wish magazines were still 35 cents.  But, wait, they are...if you thrift.  :)

Here's Wendy's Hairdos, a paper doll scan, for you and your little one to cut and dress, and also, hair tips to go with it!  Click the links below the pictures, print, and enjoy!

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