Monday, May 21, 2012

Re-do a Thrift Shop Rocking Chair

A few weeks ago I dropped off some donations to ACO and headed in for a quick peek.  It was a busy weekend with people dropping off garage sale leftovers, and this rocker was perched on the porch out front.  Price tag:  $29.99.  A few bumps and bruises, but a nice coat of paint would make it a beauty again.   I also had a $20 credit I'd been saving up (they have a rewards program)...and then you got to dance for a discount.  We unloaded a car full of donations and loaded up a rocker and few other things

Once my honey got over the fact that I dropped off a bunch of junk just to bring something else home, I headed out to the garage to spray on a coat of primer.  I found a few tutorials on rocking chairs, but this one inspired me to start collecting a whole set of them.  One for everyone. 

This one was finished in black satin from Valspar (at Lowe's).  I brushed it on to make sure I was able to cover all the curves and tiny crevices that rockers have.  It took two coats to cover, and I will seal it before it goes outside.  For now, it makes a pretty cozy spot in the living room for book worms.  :) What color should I paint the next one?


  1. What a fabulous chair! Great find!

  2. I totally need to go thrift shopping for some furnuture makeover pieces. I love what you did!

  3. What a great chair and such a good job on the paint.