Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vintage Paper Ideas from Around the Web

Tomorrow, Monday, I am finally going to show you my stash.  The WHOLE thing.  I was going through all of my vintage paper and found so, so much.  So much I had forgotten about, and so much that I can't wait for you to see.  In my Vault posts, I've been sharing pieces that I only have one or two of and can't part with, but I have tons to share in my shop, and projects to go with them.

Feed the Birdies is finally going to be what I truly intended it to be when I first started the blog, a vintage paper queen's story, projects, scrapbooking, and journaling, amidst the all the collecting! 

To whet your appetite until I reveal the whole collection of papers I have, I found some oh, so cute, ideas around the web that I wanted to show you.  Your vintage papers don't have to be saved in a folder or crammed in drawers to live out their can USE them. 

The first comes from Tricia at Leafy Treetop Spot: Made by Me. Shared with You.  She created these tiny, useful card wallets from scrapbook paper and vintage paper...of course my eyes went straight to the vintage paper.  Here is her tutorial.  And here are two that I loved. 

(photos from Tricia's blog)

I've read Saturday Morning Vintage for a long time; she finds awesome papers.  She has hosted scrap pack challenges before and I love some of the projects she features, like this vintage paper art and this vintage paper book.

(I want that chalkboard.  Ha.) Photos from Saturday Morning Vintage.

And, the best for last...these vintage Halloween masked portraits as seen on Design Sponge  So funny!  I know what I'm hanging up when the goblins come out.  :)

See you tomorrow!  Little miss is headed to VBS so I have a whole week to craft and blog!  
And clean.  Yuck. 

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