Saturday, March 23, 2013

Organize and Sort Your Holiday Decor

We pulled lots of boxes down from the attic with Easter, Christmas, and Halloween decor in them.  William and I struck a deal:  he puts his Star Wars Hallmark ornaments in the sale and I say goodbye to the snowmen.  Well, that was easy.  :)

Here's what we kept:
1.  My great grandmother's aluminum pom-pom tree.  It's perfect apartment size.
2.  That white vintage ceramic tree that lights.
3.  Stockings, stocking hangers, tree skirt.
4.  Vintage felt and sequin stitched switch cover and wreath. (seen above)
5.  Vintage Santa game.
6.  Enough Shiny Brite ornaments for the tree.

What got left:
1.  Vintage and somewhat new plastic yard decor (we had a snowman, santa, and two candles).
2.  Tons of ornaments that had broken or were no longer part of what we wanted to use.
3.  Star Wars ornaments (a whole box of them...come to the estate sale if you are interested!)
4.  Snowmen
5.  Garlands, candles, tins, plates, and wrapping and tons of other little things that might cause some negative commotion if we tried to pack and move it.  Haha.
6.  And a 6 ft. aluminum tree.  Goodbye, tree.  I loved you.  But it's time for you to move to another home. (Again, come to the sale!!)

What went to mom's to store:
1.  The boys' and Katie's nutcrackers.  They have a huge tub of them.
2.  That is all.  I'm only saying that to save her hind end.

Now, I thought that my sister-in-law had more awesome tips for holiday decor.  She has really simplified her holiday decor, and I think it's awesome.  Here's what she said:

I'm getting rid of my little bit of Fall/Halloween stuff at the band garage sale coming up this week. If I want decorations in the fall, I'll but a pumpkin and squash, and then eat them.

I've been throwing away or donating Christmas stuff the past three years.  I only have 3 medium size tubs now, that includes everything!  I decorate with poinsettias and then throw them away.  They decompose in the back yard.  We have a very small tree.  If I don't like particular ornaments anymore, I throw them away.  Again, I have to know who, what, where the significance is or I throw it away.  No fake wreaths.  If I'm in the mood for a wreath, I buy a new one.  It smells better anyway and can decompose in the yard.

I never shop after Christmas sales except for wrapping paper and that's only if I need it.  

So, are you ready to clean out your attic, yet?  

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